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POLITICS/SPORTS (Major League Baseball): Yankee Stadium, safety netting?: "Line Drive Strikes Little Girl in the Face at Yankee Stadium" ....

***Yankee Stadium, safety netting?

* New York Times (Wallace Matthews): "Line Drive Strikes Little Girl in the Face at Yankee Stadium" - From the NYT:

The Yankees easily completed a three-game sweep of the Minnesota Twins on Wednesday and bolstered their bid for a postseason berth, but all of that was overshadowed by an unsettling incident in the fifth inning, when a line drive off the bat of Todd Frazier appeared to hit the face of a young girl who was seated directly behind the third-base dugout.

As players and fans grasped what had occurred, Yankee Stadium grew hushed and play was halted for several minutes. Frazier, the Yankees’ third baseman, knelt down, in clear distress. The Twins’ third baseman, Eduardo Escobar, stood still with both hands on his head. The Yankees’ third-base coach, Joe Espada, knelt, too, and held his helmet in his hands.

In the stands behind third base, stadium staff members hurried to the scene, and the girl, who was bleeding, was carried to an exit by a person later identified as her grandfather. She was taken to NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia Hospital, where, later in the evening, the girl’s father and her grandfather emerged to briefly talk with reporters.


The episode was at least the third time this season that a fan at Yankee Stadium had been struck by either a foul ball or a shattered bat during a game, and each instance has added to the debate about what Major League Baseball should do to better protect its fans.

Under the prodding of Commissioner Rob Manfred in 2015, all 30 teams agreed to extend the traditional protective netting behind home plate to at least the inner edge of both dugouts. About a third of the teams have extended the netting further, to at least the far end of the dugout, and the Mets added netting even beyond that. However, the Yankees have yet to expand their nets, although they did issue a statement in August that said they were “seriously exploring” that option.

If Yankee Stadium had netting in place that did stretch to the far end of the third-base dugout, Frazier’s line drive, in all likelihood, would not have reached the stands. As a result, Wednesday’s incident will almost certainly increase pressure on the Yankees to act quickly to make their netting longer ..................


SACRAMENTO: Gasoline tax repeal, "Judge rules state used misleading language in summary of ballot measure to repeal California gasoline tax"; 2018 gubernatorial election, "Central Valley figures large in Villaraigosa's campaign for governor"; 2017 legislative session, commentary (Dan Walters), "Despite Legislature's liberal bent, business groups did well" ....  


LOCAL GOVERNMENT: County of Los Angeles, litigation vs. county, $$settlements: "Top L.A. County prosecutors who reported sexual harassment by boss receive $700,000 settlement"; also, "L.A. County approves $3.9-million settlement for minor assaulted in juvenile hall" 

***County of Los Angeles, litigation vs county, $$settlements....

* Los Angeles Times:  "Top L.A. County prosecutors who reported sexual harassment by boss receive $700,000 settlement"

* Los Angeles Times:  "L.A. County approves $3.9-million settlement for minor assaulted in juvenile hall"


POLITICS (National, New York): Former NY U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, sexting case, prison sentence?: "Prosecutors Want Anthony Weiner To Service About 2 Years in Prison"; "Anthony Weiner Should Go to Prison for Two Years in Teen Sexting Case, Prosecutors Say"; "Anthony Weiner May Face 2 Years in Prison for Sexting 15-Year-Old" ....


POLITICS/SPORTS (NFL): San Francisco 49ers, Levi's Stadium, "sports experience"/stadium design?: Commentary (Scott Ostler), "49ers penny-pinching on Levi's Stadium costly to fans' comfort" ....

***San Francisco 49ers, Levi's Stadium, "sports experience"/stadium design?

* San Francisco Chronicle (Scott Ostler):  "49ers penny-pinching on Levi's Stadium costly to fans' comfort" - From the Chronicle:

The good news for you sizzling 49ers fans is that your team has realized that its stadium, The Kitchen, has a heat problem. On sunny days, half the fans are fully baked, and that’s not a pot reference. The not-so-good news is that the 49ers, now searching for solutions, might be closing the barn door after the rooster got a sunburn, or whatever that old farm expression is.

According to one expert, an architectural engineer with extensive experience building sports venues, the 49ers blew it by not addressing the sun issue when they designed Levi’s Stadium. “Gosh, it’s just such a missed opportunity for them,” said the expert, who requested anonymity. “We do buildings where we do ‘thermal-comfort analysis.’ It’s a very robust computer model that looks at all environmental aspects to determine what the comfort level is inside the building. It would have been so easy to have done that and find out: ‘In the fall months, you have no wind, and the sun is beating down on you, here’s how it’s going to feel.’ "They made a decision to say, ‘All right, fine, we’re going to let those (fans) bake,’ and that’s what happened.”

Temporary solution: Play at night, like Thursday’s game against the Rams. But day games? Problem.

Did the 49ers and their stadium-builder, HNTB, conduct computer-climate studies? If so, did they ignore them to save money? I asked Lanson Nichols of HNTB, who was involved with the planning ..................