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POLITICS: San Francisco, poll regarding selection of interim mayor.... 

* San Francisco Chronicle (Matier & Ross):  Poll regarding selectin of interim mayor....

   Mayoral poll: San Franciscans want an experienced administrator as their interim mayor who will follow a moderate agenda, even if that means cuts in city services, according to a new poll of 500 city voters.

   "People are saying we need someone who can deal with real problems," said pollster Ruth Bernstein of EMC Research, an Oakland outfit that conducted the phone survey from Nov. 29 to Dec. 2 for an unidentified client.

Among the findings:

-- 48 percent of those polled want the incoming Board of Supervisors to appoint the interim mayor, while 34 percent think the current and decidedly more left-leaning body should make the call.

-- 52 percent want the interim mayor to follow a "moderate agenda," compared with 34 percent who want a progressive.

-- By a 2-1 ratio, respondents say they want an "experienced administrator" as opposed to "a political leader."

   Former Mayor Willie Brown and Board of Supervisors President David Chiu were the two top picks of those polled, though both scored only in the midteens. State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano and state Sen. Mark Leno were also in double digits, followed by Sheriff Michael Hennessy and Ed Harrington, head of the city Public Utilities Commission. Supervisor David Campos finished last, at below 5 percent.

   Bernstein said the survey, which has a 4.4 percentage-point margin of error, indicates that San Franciscans may be shedding some of their more liberal attitudes in this tough economy.