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L.A. CITY HALL: LAX, departure of Michael Molina as deputy executive director, external affairs....

***The departure of Mike Molina from his position at Los Angeles World Airports is something that has been "part of the conversation" in local political circles for a better part of the past couple weeks.  Actual reports and commentary on this are now part of the official discussion....

* Daily Breeze:  "High-ranking LAX exec quits over sexually explicit texts" - From the DB:

   A high-ranking executive voluntarily resigned his position at Los Angeles International Airport for sending sexually explicit text messages on a city-issued cell phone, officials confirmed Thursday.

   Michael Molina stepped down last week as the airport's deputy executive director of external affairs after he was directly asked about sending the graphic messages, said Gina Marie Lindsey, executive director of LAX. "It's an incredibly sad situation and I honestly believe Mike used some bad judgment by mixing professional and personal comments," Lindsey said. "We are very sorry to see him go under these circumstances because he's a talented guy and a very valuable member of the team."

   The nature of the explicit messages was not immediately disclosed. It was also unclear who received the messages and how many were sent by Molina, who was not immediately available for comment.

   Lindsey said she has not viewed the text messages, but was alerted to the matter June 3 by a city employee. Molina voluntarily resigned June 7 after he was asked about the messages, Lindsey said. He will not receive a severance after his three-year tenure at LAX, but will be paid for an undisclosed number of unused vacation days.

   The matter will not be investigated, Lindsey said. "The fact is we stopped looking into it," Lindsey said. "If there's a resignation, it's the end of the story."

   When asked about his resignation earlier this week, Molina said he stepped down to join an undisclosed public relations firm in Los Angeles. The text messages were first reported Wednesday evening by CBS2/KCAL9.

   Several city sources said Molina quickly resigned from LAX because he had wanted to avoid media scrutiny and protect his wife and their teenage son, who graduated last week from junior high school.................


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