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POLITICS: California congressional delegation, announcement, new committee assignments....

* KPCC:  "California Congress members learn their committee assignments" - From KPCC:

Santa came early for several members of Congress: House leaders on Thursday announced committee assignments for both veterans and newcomers.

Republican Congressman Gary Miller will now be the number two Republican on the House Financial Services Committee. Miller, who just won reelection in a new district in San Bernardino, has served on that committee for more than a decade and has been active on housing and mortgage issues. Irvine Congressman John Campbell also serves on Financial Services and has landed the top spot on the Domestic and International Monetary Policy Subcommittee.

On the Democratic side, a trio of California Congresswomen are taking on new committees. L.A.'s Karen Bass adds the Judiciary Committee to her "things to do" list. Oakland Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who's served for a decade and a half in Washington, will now serve on the House Budget Committee.

Carson Congresswoman Janice Hahn, who was elected less than two years ago, gets an assignment she's wanted from the start: Transportation and Infrastructure. Hahn says she's particularly interested in projects related to the ports, high speed rail, and modernizing airports. Hahn says: "What we need now is a belief that the people of California and the country want us to make the investments that create construction jobs today and revitalize our competitiveness for the future."

California's newly-elected Democratic freshmen also discovered which committees they've landed.........


* Sacramento Bee:  "Pelosi announces committee posts for House Dems" - From the Bee:


Click here to read the entire list of appointments.