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POLITICS/SPORTS (Bay Area): Update, Oakland A's, desired move to San Jose, report, "Oakland A's urge deal for five more years at Coliseum"....

* San Jose Mercury News:  "Oakland A's urge deal for five more years at Coliseum" - From the MN:

With just one season left in the Oakland A's Coliseum lease and still no approval for their desired San Jose move, it was clear the scrappy team that just won the American League West had to make a deal to stay awhile longer at the aging ballpark it inhabits. In a Friday letter to East Bay officials, A's owner Lew Wolff put a time-frame on the deal -- the team would stay for the next five seasons -- in a bid to spur talks that apparently haven't gone well.

"We need to know if we're on the way to doing something that's mutually agreeable," Wolff said in an interview Friday. "Otherwise, we're going to have to find a temporary relocation somewhere, which we prefer not to do."

The A's have played at the Coliseum since arriving from Kansas City in 1968 but have sought to leave for San Jose since 2009, a move now stymied by the San Francisco Giants' territorial claims. Oakland officials have been struggling to keep the A's and other sports teams from leaving. But the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum Authority is holding out for a better deal -- more time or money -- than what it gave the A's in their last extension, signed in 2006 when Wolff was in talks with Fremont to build a ballpark there by 2011. The A's resumed interest in San Jose in 2009 after the Fremont plans fell through.

Wolff said in an interview that five years is about what he'd need to complete a San Jose move if MLB ´╗┐approves. "If baseball had given us permission to relocate, we'd still need this period of time," Wolff said.

Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese, who has sought to help San Jose secure the team but also meets regularly with East Bay officials, said the lease talks will be "a real cat-and-mouse game." "The Coliseum Authority is saying, 'Why should we be lenient at all? We've been told we'll be abandoned some time soon for greener pastures,'" Cortese said.

One thing Wolff's letter Friday didn't suggest is diminished hope of moving the Athletics to San Jose, a city with twice Oakland's population.................


* Los Angeles Times:  "A's ask Oakland for five more years"