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SACRAMENTO: Report, major state contract awards to Deloitte Consulting despite string of problem projects, heavy lobbying by the firm; report, $371 million overhaul of state payroll system "at risk of collapse," state controller concerns regarding contractor SAP Public Services....

***Big public $$$ expent, but maybe not commensurate return for the $$$??

* Los Angeles Times:  "Overhaul of state government payroll system at risk of collapse" - "The controller finds that the firm hired for the project is in over its head and may be unable to reach its goal. The system upgrade is five years overdue and has nearly tripled in cost."

* Los Angeles Times:  "Despite string of problem projects, firm continues to win state work" - "Deloitte Consulting and affiliated groups spend heavily on lobbying, and the firm has won more than $540 million in state contracts. Many projects have been plagued by cost overruns and defects."