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MORNING MEMOS: AEG/Farmers Field, legal challenge to state legislation, Planning and Conservation League; proposal, local governance for University of California campuses; San Francisco, status, Ross Mirkarimi case; John Edwards trial, defense, "sins but not crimes".... 

***Various items this morning from across the spectrum of politics and/or public policy....

* LA Weekly:  "Farmers Field NFL Stadium Downtown Could Be Slowed By Serious Legal Challenge"

* Los Angeles Times:  "Local governance urges for UC campuses" - "The proposal would let each university set tuition and approve construction projects while allowing the regents to control policy matters such as admission standards, funding and top appointments."

* San Francisco Chronicle:  "S.F. Mayor Ed Lee would testify to remove Mirkarimi"

* Los Angeles Times:  "'Sins but no crimes,' John Edwards' defense says" - "The former Democratic presidential candidate is accused of accepting illegal campaign contributions to pay his mistress' expenses and cover up the affair."