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TRANSPORTATION: 405 Freeway, preparing for "Ramp Jam," latest round of freeway construction work, closure of Wilshire Boulevard on-, off-ramps....

* Zev Yaroslavsky Weekly Web Flash:  "Get ready to ramp up on Wilshire" - From Zev's Web Flash:

   We got through Carmageddon last summer. Now it’s time to navigate Ramp Jam.

   Long-running closures of the 405 Freeway’s Wilshire Boulevard ramps are set to begin on Friday, June 22, bringing fresh challenges to an intersection that’s already among the nation’s worst. Anxious residents and employees in the area have been girding for the start of the ramp work for months. Some online wags have dubbed it The Rampture, while others who live nearby refer to it ominously as “the next shoe to drop.”

   Whatever you call it, the work is needed to construct sweeping, 30-foot-high flyover ramps that will improve traffic flow and safety at the perennially jammed intersection. . .  Currently, vehicles moving on and off the freeway must execute a complicated merge with heavy traffic on Wilshire—a situation the new flyover ramps are intended to alleviate.

   The first of eight ramps to close will be the westbound Wilshire on-ramp to the northbound 405 and the northbound 405 off-ramp to westbound Wilshire. Both will be out of commission for 90 days starting June 22. Work on the other ramps will proceed in segments after that. . . . . . . . .

   In all, work on the Wilshire ramps is expected to take about a year.........