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POLITICS/TRANSPORTATION: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, special hearing, Westside Subway Extension, proposed route, tunneling, Beverly Hills High School, threat of litigation; also, video spoof, BHHS opponents "depicted as NIMBY hicks"....  

* Los Angeles Times:  "Beverly Hills threatens legal action over subway" - From the LAT:

   A special hearing Thursday about the proposed route for the Westside Subway Extension was dominated by science, with geologists and engineers pointing to maps and the existence -- or lack thereof -- of earthquake faults and decrying the way Los Angeles County transportation researchers have gone about their work.

   But even amid the talk of boring samples and surface integrity, the message from Beverly Hills to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority was clear: Proceed as planned and tunnel underneath Beverly Hills High School for the subway extension and you will get sued. "Clearly, if we don't get a fair hearing and have our science [taken] into consideration, then we're going to have no choice," said Brian Goldberg, president of the Beverly Hills Unified School District board. "We believe there's alternatives that have not been fully explored yet."


   A few hundred people showed up to Thursday's hearing, which ran more than 3 1/2 hours . . . . . . . . . .

   Metro maintains that it is safe to tunnel under the school. There was no action taken at the hearing, but the Metro Board of Directors must make a determination on the evidence presented before approving further stages of the project.

   "They make a very good case, they do," said Los Angeles County Supervisor and Metro board member Michael D. Antonovich. He said the opposition shows that Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's attempts to "shove this down the throat of Beverly Hills" has not worked. Antonovich said he would be open to other alignments that do not run underneath the school and worried about getting caught in a costly legal battle..............


* LA Weekly:  "Beverly Hills Subway Opponents Depicted As NIMBY Hicks In Video"