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LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Los Angeles Coliseum Commission, report, "Leaders of cash-strapped Coliseum complex claim luxury suite"....

* Los Angeles Times:  "Leaders of cash-strapped Coliseum complex claim luxury suite" - "The taxpayer-owned venue is in financial ruins, but four commissioners kept a private, catered area at the Sports Arena from public sale, so they had prime views of Bruce Springsteen singing about blue-collar struggles." - From the LAT:

   Last month, four of the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena's bosses decided to catch the Boss, so they used their government position to claim a luxury suite for Bruce Springsteen's sold-out stand there.

   The taxpayer-owned venue is in financial ruins, but the officials took their customary perks, enjoying Springsteen's blue-collar brand of rock 'n' roll from digs that included a private entry, spacious bathroom, kitchenette, lounge area and television screen. The 19 elevated seats, boxed off from the crowd, offered dead-on views of the stage for the officeholders and their guests. Arena staff catered the roost with lasagna, sliders, vegetables and brownies, plus drinks.

    The officials, L.A. County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, City Councilman Tom LaBonge, David Israel and William Chadwick, run the property as members of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission. Chadwick, an investment banker, and Israel, a former sportswriter and the commission's president, represent Gov. Jerry Brown on the panel. LaBonge is an alternate.

    The suite is part of a long tradition of perks for the nine-member commission.................