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POLITICS (National): Willie Brown, commentary, "Obama's re-election campaign -- the thrill is gone"....

* San Francisco Chronicle (Willie Brown):  "Obama's re-election campaign -- the thrill is gone" - From the Chronicle:

   The president's trip to the Bay Area last week made it painfully clear that the Barack Obama re-election campaign has lost its mojo.

   There was no life, no personality, no memorable line or moment and no real enthusiasm in the entire fundraising foray. In short, there was no buzz. It was like a summer rerun of a show that wasn't very interesting to begin with. Worse yet, Obama sounded like he was playing catch-up to Mitt Romney. I can't think of anything that should have him in that role, but he's acting like the underdog.

   Obama was more than a candidate last time out. He was a popular and cultural phenomenon. A rock star. But the trouble with rock stars is that they drop like a rock once fans conclude they are "over."

   The trick in politics is not to be a one-hit wonder, but to be more like the Grateful Dead. Jerry and the boys were never what you'd call stars, but their Deadheads were legion and good days or bad, they always turned out in record numbers.