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SACRAMENTO: Editorial, use of public funds, Assembly mailers, John Perez legislation, middle-class college scholarships....

***Following up on item noted here earlier....

* Sacramento Bee (editorial):  "Lawmakers misuse public funds for fliers" - From the Bee:

   A mailer went out recently to more than 600,000 Assembly constituents, touting a bill to close tax loopholes and raise roughly $1.1 billion yearly for college scholarships. It's hard to argue against scholarships. With students at public universities facing tuition and fee increases, they need all the help they can get.

   Yet these mailers weren't financed by campaign funds by politicians hoping to associate themselves with the proposal. They were paid for with public funds. . . . . . . . .

   Recipients would have to read the bright chocolate brown and gold brochure very closely to know that it was not a personal invitation. . . to apply for college scholarships. It shows pictures of bright-eyed college graduates in cap and gown posing with beaming parents. In bold letters, the cover of the mailer announces, "Middle Class Scholarship Act Slashes College Fees by Two Thirds" – as if the tax measure has already passed and the scholarships exist.

   That's not the case. . . . . . . . . . .

   The real problem with the mailer, though, is its campaign propaganda appearance and the fact that it arrived in voters' mailboxes just a month or so before the June 5 primary election. Democrats who sent it are using public dollars to tout what appears to be a legislative accomplishment they helped bring about. It's a campaign piece, pure and simple. Worse, it's a deceptive one that taxpayers are funding.