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POLITICS: Obama visit to Los Angeles, May 10-11, general information, traffic, street closures....

***President Obama will be back in Los Angeles this week to attend fundraiser at the home of George Clooney.  Here is general traffic information available at this point....

* From Total Traffic LA: 

   President Obama will be back in Los Angeles on Thursday, May 10 to attend a fundraiser at the home of George Clooney.  Thursday is already a bad traffic day – and the President’s visit will cause even more traffic headaches for commuters on both sides of the hill.

   It’s still early in the week, so information is trickling in – but you can still plan ahead.  Here is what we know so far:

  • The fundraiser will take place Thursday evening, May 10 at the home of George Clooney.  Several celebrity websites report his home is located on Lookout Mountain Rd, which is a street in the Laurel Canyon / Studio City area between Laurel Cyn Blvd and Coldwater Canyon.  Expect closures and major traffic jams on the canyon roads between Hollywood and the Valley
  • President Obama is attending some events in Seattle the morning of Thursday, May 10.  As per past visits, he usually arrives at LAX sometime between 3pm and 4:30pm.
  • Most prior visits had him being helicoptered from LAX to the VA, and then motorcaded across the westside.  However, last time he was helicoptered in to Rancho Park then driven east from there.  Being further south seemed to have alleviated some of the congestion. 
  • President Obama usually stayed at the Beverly Hilton.  He will leave on Friday morning, generally causing street closures between 7:30am and 9am.......