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SACRAMENTO: Report, Proposition 29, tobacco tax, millions raised for, against measure; commentary, George Skelton, think of the tax as a "user fee".... 

* San Francisco Chronicle:  "Millions raised for, against Prop. 29 tobacco tax" - From the Chronicle:

   California voters will decide next month whether to increase cigarette taxes by $1 a pack, primarily to fund research on cancer and other tobacco-related illnesses. If the excise tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products is approved, it would be the first increase for smokers in 14 years, after dozens of failed attempts in the Legislature and a defeat at the ballot box in 2006.

   The American Cancer Society, the Lance Armstrong Foundation and other nonprofit health organizations have raised about $4.7 million to back the measure, while tobacco companies have shelled out nearly $40 million to defeat it..............


* Los Angeles Times (George Skelton):  "Think of the tobacco tax as a user fee" - "Prop. 29 on the June ballot would raise cigarette taxes and generate money for research on cancer and related illnesses."


[UPDATED (12:30 p.m.)]:

* Sacramento Bee:  "Tobacco firms chip in another $15 million against Prop 29"