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"HOLIDAY" OBSERVANCE: National Donut Day today....

***And on the lighter (or maybe actually not really all that "light"?) side of the news today....

* Los Angeles Times:  "National Donut Day: The round ones' history, threats to its future" - From the LAT:

So you think you understand National Donut Day? After all, how hard could it be to figure out a carb-laden pastry that even Homer Simpson adores. Guess again. It is not a day created by cops or sedentary office-bound workers. The celebration actually has historicity and a past wrapped not in spun sugar, but in patriotism and concern for the economically disadvantaged.

Friday was the 75th annual celebration of the confection best known for its round shape – like what the eater eventually becomes. According to the Salvation Army website, the holiday (which may be a slight overstatement), is held the first Friday in June and commemorates the “Donut Lassies” who served the treat to soldiers in World War I.

While it is true that U.S. soldiers in that war were known as doughboys, it is a misconception to think that there any connection between the name for the soldiers and the gracious gesture of giving them fried dough. That is not the only lexical error to come from that era: World War I was known as the War to End All Wars which, in hindsight, turned out to be misinformed as well.

Doughnuts, however, may have some predictive value..............