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POLITICS/SPORTS: AEG, Farmer's Field, move of NFL team to Los Angeles, February 15 deadline for team(s) to indicate serious interest in relocating to L.A., no such serious interest expressed to date.... 

* Daily News:  "NFL teams interested in moving to Los Angeles face February 15 deadline" - From the DN:

With a six-week window opening today for NFL teams to apply for a move to Los Angeles, no franchise has yet to indicate serious interest in relocating here, a key stadium executive said Monday. Tim Leiweke, president of Anschutz Entertainment Group, said he has not heard from any team that wants to apply in 2013 for a move to Los Angeles. Last year, the National Football League asked teams seeking to apply to move to Los Angeles to submit applications between Jan. 1 and Feb. 15, 2013.

AEG won approvals from the city in September to build a new football stadium named Farmers Field in downtown Los Angeles next to the convention center. But it doesn't intend to start construction until signing a lease with a team. In an interview Monday, Leiweke said he's had talks with team owners on two National Football League committees, including a committee focused on Los Angeles. He believes the plans for AEG to be sold by its parent company may be delaying football franchise owners from seeking a move to Los Angeles until the company's new owner is determined.

"What I would guess ... is that there is no club currently that's going to file for a transfer simply because they are waiting to see what happens with our ownership situation," Leiweke said. "I haven't been made aware of any team that is going to file for a move in 2013," he added...............


* Sacramento Bee (AP):  "Report: No NFL teams seriously bidding for L.A. move"

* LA Weekly:  "NFL Dreams For Downtown Los Angeles Fading In Face of Team Transfer Deadline"