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LOCAL GOVERNMENT/SPORTS (NFL-Bay Area): San Francisco 49ers, lawsuit vs. Santa Clara, Levi's Stadium contract issues: "San Francisco 49ers sue Santa Clara, claiming Levi's Stadium contract breach"; also, "49er Sue Santa Clara Over Allegations of Breach of Contract"; "49ers sue Santa Clara to settle dispute over financial records" ....  

* Mercury News:  "San Francisco 49ers sue Santa Clara, claim Levi's Stadium contract breach" - From the MN:

SANTA CLARA — The San Francisco 49ers are suing Santa Clara, claiming city leaders “falsely accused” the NFL team of violating its contract — and now the team wants a judge to settle the score by requiring the city to sign documents verifying no breaches occurred.

The lawsuit — filed Friday in Santa Clara County Superior Court — is the latest salvo in an escalating war between the football team and its home city. It’s a blistering feud that has included accusations of lying, withholding records and misusing public funds.

And the 49ers lawsuit has only upped the ante and can make things worse for both sides, according to one expert. “No one is going to escape with their reputation not tarnished,” said Roger Noll, a Stanford sports economist. “It’s a very strange action from the Niners. Fighting this in court is not a way to enhance their reputation because both sides will always have something nasty to say about the other.”

The team isn’t asking for monetary damages, according to legal papers. It wants a judge to provide “declaratory relief” — a legal determination about whether the team violated its contract with city leaders and Levi’s Stadium’s management company. And the Niners want the city to sign estoppel certificates saying they’re in compliance with their agreement — otherwise, the city must articulate the exact breach. That’s the process outlined in the management agreement.

“Defendants have falsely accused (the 49ers management company) of having failed to perform its obligations under the Stadium Management Agreement, despite the absence of any good faith basis for such charges,” the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit also contended that . . . . . . . .


The dispute began late last year when Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor ordered ...................


* CBS San Francisco:  "49ers Sue Santa Clara Over Allegations of Breach of Contract

* San Francisco Chronicle:  "49ers sue Santa Clara to settle dispute over financial records"