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L.A. CITY HALL: Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance, Airbnb, landlords, illegal evictions?: "Tenants say Airbnb and landlord violated L.A. rental laws" ....  

* Los Angeles Times:  "Tenants say Airbnb and landlord violated L.A. rental laws" - From the LAT:

Airbnb did not evict six renters last year from their Hollywood apartments but the short-term rental site is nonetheless being sued for playing a role in renting the properties after the apartments were vacant. If successful, the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court late last week by Los Angeles-based nonprofit Eviction Defense Network could open Airbnb to legal challenges from tenants who believe they have been illegally evicted to bring in higher-paying short-term renters.


In the lawsuit, six tenants who were evicted from their apartments on North Formosa Avenue in July say the landlord notified the city that the units were going to be taken off the market. Instead, the apartments were listed for higher rates on Airbnb, the complaint said.

The lawsuit echoes a previous lawsuit filed in 2015 that also named Airbnb as a defendant. In that case, five tenants were evicted from their apartments in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles and the units subsequently appeared on the Airbnb site. A judge overseeing the 2015 lawsuit has allowed the case to move forward, with a trial date tentatively set for June 5, according to an attorney for the plaintiffs.

Both lawsuits accuse the landlords of violating Los Angeles’ 1978 rent stabilization ordinance . . . . . . . .

After the evictions, both lawsuits claim ................