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POLITICS (National): President Donald Trump, Latino constituents?: Commentary (Op-Ed: Hector Tobar), "Latino Americans Pity You, President Trump" ....

* New York Times (Op-Ed: Hector Tobar):  "Latino Americans Pity You, President Trump" - From the NYT:

LOS ANGELES — My Guatemalan grandmother used to tell me: When a fly lands on your arm, it means I’m thinking of you. Now I and my fellow Latino troublemakers have become flies in the White House. No Latino was invited to join the new president’s cabinet, so it was the only way in. We lurk in the niches in the Oval Office, circle lazily in the Lincoln Bedroom, and buzz in the private residential corridors where the president sleeps. We land on the president’s arm. It’s driving him crazy.

The commander in chief believes we stole true victory from him. Somehow, on Nov. 8, we convinced several million of our undocumented brothers and sisters to abandon their work in fields, factories and family residences, leaving crops untended and babies crying — just so they could cast the votes denying Donald J. Trump the glory of a popular vote plurality over Hillary Clinton.

Many different people have pointed out the absurdity of the president’s latest beef with Latino immigrants and his obsession with voter fraud in general. My favorite is the study concluding that more people are hit by lightning in this country each year than are illegally impersonated in the voting booth.

Alas, no fact will persuade Mr. Trump to surrender his obsessions. He’ll give up on a lie only when he feels his enemy has been vanquished, or his goal accomplished. “Barack Obama is Kenyan” was his trial balloon; so then Mrs. Clinton deserved to be locked up — until Mr. Trump became president. The fly was swatted, so to speak, and it didn’t matter anymore.

As president, Mr. Trump is still selling the undocumented menace, the border wall and the rest of his anti- immigrant, anti-Mexican fixation to the American people. And he will keep doing so until the day he leaves office . . . . . . . .


All good hucksters know emotion and perceptions can trump facts. Americans see how immigration has transformed the look and feel of many cities and towns in the United States. Mr. Trump is only the most successful of the many entertainers, politicians and pundits who’ve built their fame, fortune and power by telling us that ...................