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POLITICS (National): President Donald Trump, "dishonesty" of Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway?: "Have TV media had their fill of Kellyanne?"; also, "Kellyanne Conway struggling to cool off controversies she set off" .... 

* POLITICO (Hadas Gold):  "Have TV media had their fill of Kellyanne?" - "'She goes out and lies and you find out about those lies a couple hours later,' says Joe Scarborough." - From POLITICO:

Kellyanne Conway has an on-air credibility crisis.

On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Tuesday, co-anchor Mika Brzezinski declared that she “will not interview her.” “It’s giving people dishonesty, it’s not worth the interview,” she said, as co-host Joe Scarborough added, “She goes out and lies, and you find out about those lies a couple hours later.”

An anchor from a different network said Conway hasn’t been invited on the anchor's show for months, saying the viewer gets “nothing out of her” because “she constantly obfuscates and misrepresents the truth.” “At best, Conway is low-hanging spinning fruit, sugary but empty. At worst she's an apparatchik or, as Carl Bernstein puts it, ‘a propaganda minister.’ Neither is good for the republic,” added the anchor, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “That's why I've chosen not to have her on.”

Some in television have wondered whether Conway is in the room when White House decisions are being made. Scarborough said on Tuesday that Conway “is a free agent” who books her own television appearances. “She goes out, she says whatever she wants to say … and then she comes back in, and they have to clean it up. Now she will lie, as she does every time the truth comes out, she will say she’s being victimized,” Scarborough said.

Conway, the former Trump campaign manager who is regularly lampooned on “Saturday Night Live,” has long been a figure of fascination, in part for her deadpan defense of outlandish statements by the candidate and now president. But Conway has also been considered a master dissembler and manipulator of the media, a reputation that hit a new high on Monday, when she told MSNBC that now-former national security adviser Michael Flynn had the “full confidence” of President Donald Trump. About an hour later, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said the White House was “evaluating” the situation around Flynn. By that evening, Flynn was gone.

Monday’s incident was just the latest TV-generated controversy that Conway has found herself in, making statements that later turned out to be false or misleading. And anchors have taken notice ................

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