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SACRAMENTO: Pension reform, hiring spree, California state government agencies?: Editorial, "How hiring spike chipped away at pension reform" ....

***Following up on earlier item noted here (pension reform, California state government agencies, hiring spree?)....

* Sacramento Bee (editorial):  "How hiring spike chipped away at pension reform" - From the Bee:

There are some murky questions about an unusual hiring spree at the end of 2012 by some local and state agencies before badly needed pension reform kicked in.

It’s clear who the biggest winners are – the employees who sneaked in under the wire and will retire with a more generous pension formula irresponsibly approved by legislators and then-Gov. Gray Davis in 1999 at organized labor’s behest. Under those old rules, they can retire at age 55 with 2 percent of salary for each year worked. A worker in the same job hired on or after Jan. 1, 2013, will have to work until 62 to get the same benefits. (Public safety employees get higher benefits.)

It’s also clear who the biggest losers are – the government employers who are part of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System and who put themselves, and taxpayers, on the hook for higher pension payments.


It’s more than coincidence. The hiring at one agency is already under investigation. Other agencies also ought to review the hiring spike to make sure all personnel policies were followed ..............