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L.A. CITY HALL: March 7 election, Council District 11: "From Venice With Angst" ....  

* The Argonaut:  "From Venice With Angst" - "Challengers to Bonin's Reelection Bid Draw from Frustration About Homelessness and Development" - From The Argonaut:

Long-simmering tensions over the impacts of rampant homelessness and rapid development on quality of life in Venice have boiled over into a hotly contested Los Angeles City Council race.

In the March 7 primary contest, incumbent Mike Bonin faces two opponents — both of them from Venice — challenging his bid for a second term representing nearly 400,000 residents of L.A.’s primarily coastal 11th Council District. The challengers are working to build public support for their campaigns by hammering what they see as Bonin’s weaknesses.

Venice Stakeholders Association President Mark Ryavec — a relentless critic of the city’s response to homelessness in Venice, where the number of people living on the street has increased 11% since 2015 — is tapping into homeowner frustrations about campsites and vehicle-dwelling along the beach
and beyond.

Former Venice Neighborhood Council member and slow growth advocate Robin Rudisill, meanwhile, is speaking to concerns that excessive commercial and residential development is changing the character of Venice and other Westside communities for the worse.

Far from defensive, Bonin is running on his record of addressing those quality of life issues and others.


As of the city’s Jan. 26 campaign finance reporting deadline, Bonin had raised more than $410,000 in campaign cash. Ryavec — who has pledged not to accept contributions from developers, those who live outside the council district or any campaign contribution more than $250 — had raised about $32,500. Rudisill’s campaign had not reported any fundraising activity.

Despite those disadvantages, Ryavec and Rudisill must find significant support outside their Venice home turf in order to blunt Bonin’s incumbency advantage and force a runoff in May ................