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POLITICS (National, Local/New York): New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, controversies, legal issues?: "No Charges, but Harsh Criticism for de Blasio's Fund-Raising"; also, commentary (Jim Dwyer), "De Blasio Proves That Some Laws Are Made to Be Unbreakable"  ....

***New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, controversies, legal issues?

* New York Times (William Rashbaum):  "No Charges, but Harsh Criticism for de Blasio's Fund-Raising" - From the NYT:

Federal and state prosecutors said on Thursday that they would not bring criminal charges against Mayor Bill de Blasio or his aides following separate lengthy investigations, even as one concluded that the mayor acted on behalf of donors seeking favors from the city and the other said that some of their practices appeared to violate “the intent and spirit” of the law. The disclosures were unusual; prosecutors rarely announce the conclusion of such inquiries when no charges are filed.

The federal inquiry found a pattern in which Mr. de Blasio or his associates solicited contributions from donors seeking favors from the city and then contacted city agencies on their behalf, according to a statement from the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York. But the decision not to bring charges, the statement said, came after weighing among other things, “the high burden of proof, the clarity of existing law” and challenge of proving corruption without “evidence of personal profit.”

State prosecutors, who examined Mr. de Blasio’s unsuccessful 2014 effort to help Democrats regain control of the State Senate, concluded that the aspects of the undertaking amounted to an “end run” around limits on contributions to candidates, according to a 10-page letter outlining their findings.


The disclosure that neither the mayor nor his administration or campaign aides will face charges is a victory for the mayor, though perhaps a tainted one for the first-term Democrat who has been dogged by a steady stream of media reports about the investigations, and who is gearing up to run for re-election in November.

The federal inquiry involved a broad examination of  . . . . . . . .

The decisions by the two offices that handled the inquiries were disclosed separately on Thursday morning, but the timing was coordinated. The United States attorney’s office, along with the F.B.I., conducted the federal investigation and the Manhattan district attorney’s office oversaw the state one, assisted by the F.B.I. ...............

***ALSO, Related (NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio):

* New York Times (Jim Dwyer):  "De Blasio Proves That Some Laws Are Made to Be Unbreakable"