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POLITICS/BUSINESS: Frontline Medical Associates, insurance fraud, $$$scam: "Prosecutors re-file charges in $150-million fraud case" .... 

* Los Angeles Times:  "Prosecutors re-file charges in $150-million fraud case" - From the LAT:

it was touted as a mega-bust: the successful end to a five-year investigation aimed at dismantling one of the largest insurance fraud schemes in California history. More than a dozen people associated with Frontline Medical Associates were accused in 2015 of taking part in a $150-million scam that involved unnecessary surgeries by non-surgeons, doling out kickbacks for illegal patient referrals and fraudulently billing insurance companies. But over the 18 months that followed, a judge dismissed most of the 132 counts laid out in two indictments. The most serious charges — for aggravated mayhem, carrying a potential life sentence — were dropped for a lack of evidence.

Now, prosecutors are taking a second stab at the case after acknowledging flaws in how they presented it to a grand jury. At their request, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy Thursday threw out pending charges in the two indictments against 13 defendants, except for two suspects who are fugitives. Prosecutors immediately brought new charges against a dozen people, filing three separate criminal complaints listing 194 counts, including ..................