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POLITICS/LEGAL (National): President Donald Trump, (new) travel ban executive order, U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, public spat among federal appeals court judges: "9th Circuit judges in nasty feud over Trump travel ban" ....

* POLITICO (Josh Gerstein):  "9th Circuit judges in nasty feud over Trump travel ban" - "Justices trade charges and counter-charges over ruling that kept block on executive order." - From POLITICO:

President Donald Trump's travel ban has triggered an unusually caustic public spat among the judges of the federal appeals court that first took up the issue.

The disagreement began to play out publicly Wednesday when five 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judges publicly recorded their disagreement with a decision three of their colleagues issued last month refusing to allow Trump to reinstate the first version of his travel ban executive order.

The fight escalated dramatically on Friday with the five Republican-appointed judges filing another withering attack on the earlier opinion and two liberal judges accusing their conservative colleagues of trying to make an end-run around the traditional judicial process ..................