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POLITICS/TRANSPORTATION (New York): Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, George Washington Bridge Bus Station?: "Manhattan's Other Bus Terminal, Running Years Late" ....

* New York Times (Jacey Fortin):  "Manhattan's Other Bus Terminal, Running Years Late" - From the NYT:

Hidden behind a maze of wooden blockades and yellow tape, a neglected transportation hub in northern Manhattan is gearing up for a reopening — or so people have been led to believe.

The main concourse of the George Washington Bridge Bus Station closed for renovations in August 2014. Today, a graffiti-covered sign near the corner of Broadway and 178th Street warns passers-by that construction is underway. It also offers an anticipated completion date: “Winter 2015.”

Many New Yorkers would be surprised to learn that another bus station even exists in Manhattan. But the terminal in Washington Heights is a critical link between Manhattan and northern New Jersey, even though its size pales in comparison to the Port Authority bus terminal, its big brother on the edge of Times Square. Both are operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey: About five million people use the George Washington Bridge station every year, while the Port Authority terminal sees 66 million travelers annually.

A plan to renovate the half-century-old George Washington Bridge terminal was first approved by the Port Authority in 2008. The project’s cost, estimated at $183.2 million, was divided between the Port Authority and a private development group, which hired Tutor Perini Building Corp. as a general contractor. While buses still pick up passengers on the top floor of the station, its main concourse remains closed. And that has become a sore point in Washington Heights ..................