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POLITICS/URBAN AFFAIRS (National): New movie, "Get Out" -- race relations?: Commentary (Frank Bruni), "The Horror of Smug Liberals" ....

* New York Times (Op-Ed: Frank Bruni):  "The Horror of Smug Liberals" - From the NYT:

Oh, those smooth-talking, self-congratulating white liberals. Listen to them moon over Barack Obama. Look at how widely they open their arms to a black visitor. Don’t be duped. They’re wolves in L. L. Bean clothing. There’s danger under the fleece. That’s a principal theme in the most surprising movie hit of the year so far, “Get Out,” whose box office haul in America crossed the $100 million mark last weekend. Heck, that’s the premise.

The black protagonist heads with his white girlfriend from an apartment in the city to a house in the woods, where he’s gushingly welcomed by her parents. But their retreat is no colorblind Walden, not if you peek into the basement. I won’t say what’s down there. I don’t want to spoil the fun or sully the chill.

Besides, I’m less fascinated by the movie’s horrors than by its reception. The most ardent fans of “Get Out,” many of them millennials, don’t just recommend it. They urge it, framing it as a “woke” tribe’s message to the slumbering masses, a parable of the hypocrisy that white America harbors and the fear with which black Americans move through it.

The enthusiasm for the movie says a whole lot about how one group of Americans views the other, and it underscores the distance between them. I’m tempted to call “Get Out” a movie for the age of Trump, perhaps the movie for the age of Trump ..................