POLITICS (National): President Donald Trump, credibility gap, Obama wiretapping of Trump Tower?: Commentay (Dan Balz), "What will it take for the president to retract his tweets about Obama?" ....
Monday, March 20, 2017 at 10:13AM

* Washington Post (Dan Balz):  "What will it take for the president to retract his tweets about Obama?" - From the WP:

A prudent president, facing multiple battles on legislative and other priorities that are crucial to his first-year success, would find ways to avoid needless controversy. Not President Trump. He’s doing exactly the opposite, and the credibility gap continues to grow.

The House Republican leadership’s proposal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, which Trump has embraced, faces serious opposition within the party. The president’s newly proposed budget, which would slash domestic discretionary spending, the State Department and the Environmental Protection Agency, has been met with stiff resistance, even among some Republicans. The administration’s second attempt to impose a travel ban is on hold, once again caught up in the courts.

Meanwhile, Trump will not let go of his claim that former president Barack Obama tapped his phones at Trump Tower during the election, despite no supporting evidence. The president has been offered numerous exit ramps to put this self-created controversy behind him. Instead, he remains stubbornly defiant, perpetuating rather than closing a damaging chapter in his presidency that in the past few days became an international embarrassment.

The latest illustration of the president’s incapacity to admit error came Friday ................

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