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POLITICS (National, Local/Berkeley): Berkeley, "free speech" rally, violence, outside troublemakers: "For many at violent Berkeley rally, it wasn't really about Trump or free speech: They came to make trouble" ....

***Berkeley, "free speech" rally, violence, outside troublemakers....

* Los Angeles Times:  "For many at violent Berkeley rally, it wasn't really about Trump or free speech: They came to make trouble" - From the LAT:

When hundreds of activists on the left and the right converged here Saturday, things got ugly very quickly.

It was billed as a “free speech” rally by conservative activists, staged in one of America’s most liberal cities. But even before the event was set to begin, fists were flying and people were left bloodied. In the end, 21 were arrested and police confiscated an array of heavy sticks, knives, and Pepsi cans used as projectiles. But what appeared to be a political event that devolved into violence was actually something more complex. The combatants on both sides were extremists who traveled from far and wide to make Berkeley their stage. Many freely admitted they were there to make trouble and that peaceful protest over President Trump and other issues really wasn’t their goal.

Much of the violence was captured on cellphone cameras and posted on social media, where each side offered supporters their narrative of what happened ....................