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« LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Los Angeles, "L.A. County at risk of losing 14,000 affordable rentals"; Bay Area, "Bay Area rent control movement continues to spread"; OC, "Rents hit all-time highs amid job growth and low vacancy rates"; Bay Area, "Famed Northern California winery site to become major pot production center" .... | Main | LOCAL GOVERNMENT: San Diego Unified School District, "'Look, You Can't Do Ribbon-Cutting on New Plumbing'"; San Francisco, "Supes eye jail time for deceptive landlords"; South Bay/L.A. County, "El Segundo OKs Sepulveda Boulevard name change to PCH"; Bay Area, editorial, "Santa Clara County marketing plan was really bad marketing" .... »

POLITICS (National): Donald Trump presidency, litigation, deported "Dreamer" case: "'Mexican heritage' judge bashed by Trump will oversee deported 'dreamer' case"; "Judge whom Trump criticized as 'hater' now hearing key deportation case"; "Judge whose Mexican heritage Trump denigrated will hear deportation case" ....