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SACRAMENTO: California Democratic Party, election of new chair?: "'Old school vs. new school:' The battle over who will run the California Democratic Party" ....

***California Democratic Party, election of new chair?....

* Los Angeles Times:  "'Old school vs. new school:' The battle over who will run the California Democratic Party" - From the LAT:

A pivotal election is underway in California that could push this Democratic stronghold even further left and recalibrate the direction of arguably the most influential state political party in the nation.

Staunchly liberal and pro-union, the top two contenders for chair of the California Democratic Party offer a sharp contrast in style and strategy. Eric Bauman is a bullish, Bronx-born union organizer and the consummate party insider. Democratic organizer Kimberly Ellis is a provocative Bay Area progressive, embraced as the outsider by a wave of Bernie Sanders supporters leading an insurgency against the party establishment.

The race — and last year’s divisive Democratic presidential primary — have created a rift among the delegates who will choose a new chair as the state leans into its emerging role as the epicenter of liberal resistance to the nascent Trump administration.

Initially, Bauman’s bid for the post possessed an air of inevitability, fed by endorsements from most of California’s top Democrats and the political allegiances he’s forged since becoming Los Angeles County party chair in 2000 and a state party vice chair in 2009. But controversy surrounding Bauman’s ties to the pharmaceutical industry, in part, opened the door for Ellis.


The decision now rests in the hands of the state party’s 3,300 delegates, an amalgam of elected officials, activists, union leaders and other loyalists who will elect the new chair during the party’s convention in Sacramento this weekend . . . . . . . .

Bauman and Ellis are closely aligned on most of the state party’s liberal platform, including . . . . . . . .

“This is not a lesser of two evils. We have two highly qualified candidates who have different work histories and experience,” said state Sen. Holly Mitchell of Los Angeles, who has endorsed Ellis. What the race comes down to, Mitchell said, is “old school versus new school.” ..................