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« LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Los Angeles, "A letter sent to some L.A. voters sought to shame them for their voting records -- and no one knows who sent it"; Bay Area, "S.F. supervisors push density bonus affordable housing plan forward"; OC, "Orange County prosecutor's misconduct causes judge to lower charge in murder case"; Sacramento, "Did the Sacramento County assessor and her staff get lower tax bills?" | Main | L.A. CITY HALL: Los Angeles City Council, CD 1, CD 7, results, runoff election: "L.A. City Council: Cedillo wins reelection, Rodriguez heads to victory in northeast Valley"; "City Council winners: Gil Cedillo, Monica Rodriguez, labor"; "Monica Rodriguez's election triumph means there will be two women on L.A. City Council" .... »

L.A. CITY HALL: Voter approval, Measure C, LAPD discipline: "Voters decisively back measure to rework discipline at the LAPD"; also, editorial, "Misstep on L.A. police discipline can still be walked back -- in City Council activists up their game"; "Measure C: 5 thorny questions ahead for LAPD discipline"; "What The Passage of Measure C Means for L.A., And What You Can Still Do About It" ....