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POLITICS (National): President Donald Trump, his "routine" for dealing with government investigations?: Report/analysis (Tara Palmeri), "Trump revives his playbook for fighting government probes" ....

***President Donald Trump, his "routine" for dealing with government investigations?

* POLITICO (Tara Palmeri):  "Trump revives his playbook for fighting government probes" - "His handling of the auhorities often starts with a charm campaign, and regardless of the outcome, he usually claims he's the winner."

As investigations into Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign heat up, President Donald Trump is turning to his old routine for dealing with government probes.

In combating accusations of fraud, corruption or discrimination, Trump’s handling of the authorities often starts with a charm campaign, moves to attempts to discredit or scare off his opponent — and then, regardless of the legal outcome, Trump usually claims he’s the true winner.

Tim O’Brien, who wrote a biography on the real estate mogul-turned-president, said Trump’s playbook is predictable and usually driven by his instincts, not some grand strategy. “He’s not prone to think of a sophisticated legal solution,” O’Brien said. “Donald Trump is not a Napoleon when it comes to legal battles, he’s a pro wrestler.”

Here are the tricks Trump often turns to when he tries to fend off investigators ..................