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« SACRAMENTO: "New spending control could win Republican votes for climate bill"; "Partisan rift opens over vote-by-mail law"; "Prop. 13 property tax reform could boost housing affordability, experts say"; also, "Exploitation or opportunity? California's Capitol employs army of unpaid interns" .... | Main | POLITICS (National): Donald Trump presidency, Dept of Homeland Security, expedited deportation powers?: "In memo, Trump administration weighs expanding the expedited deportation powers of DHS"; "White House reviews new policy to expand DHS' expedited deportation powers"; "Trump Administration Considering Plan to Expand and Expedite DHS Deportation Powers" .... »

POLITICS (National): President Donald Trump, travel ban: "Federal judge says parents and other close family excluded from travel ban"; "Grandparents Win Reprieve From Trump Travel Ban in Federal Court"; also, "Trump administraiton says it will go to Supreme Court after Hawaii judge expands travel ban exemptions"; "Justice Department appeals latest travel ban setback to Supreme Court" ....