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L.A. CITY HALL: Los Angeles Department of Transportation, crackdown, "renegade parking": "Parking on an L.A. parkway? Prepare to be ticketed" ....

***Los Angeles Department of Transportation, crackdown, "renegade parking"....

* Los Angeles Times:  "Parking on an L.A. parkway? Prepare to be ticketed" - From the LAT:

Los Angeles officials will begin cracking down next week on a wave of renegade parking across the city, more than five years after first turning a blind eye to the practice.

Starting Monday, L.A. parking officers will begin ticketing cars parked on the stretch of public land between the sidewalk and the street, the Transportation Department said. Those slivers of land — called parkways or berms — have become popular de facto parking places in neighborhoods where street spaces are at a premium. The practice has destroyed grass, plantings and curbs in dense, central neighborhoods such as Westlake, East Hollywood and Koreatown.

The City Council suspended the policy of ticketing such vehicles in 2011, after being sued multiple times over alleged violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act. One lawsuit said the city’s practice of allowing drivers to park on the sloping portion of the driveway between the sidewalk and the curb, known as the apron, violated accessibility laws.


Parking officers have been placing warning fliers under drivers’ windshields since the start of July, [Transportation Department spokesman Bruce] Gillman said .............