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***Detroit, mayoral election (primary), 2017....

* New York Times (Monica Davey):  "Detroit's Mayoral Election Is a Test of Recovery and Legacy" - From the NYT:

DETROIT — Coleman A. Young II was settling into a diner booth with a mug of hot chocolate heaped with whipped cream when a stranger approached. “I adored your father, and I hope you’re just like him,” she said. Hours later, as Mr. Young rode in a car along a neighborhood street, someone called out, “I voted for your dad, man!” And when he stood before residents of an apartment complex, a woman rose to recount her memories of Mr. Young’s father, Coleman A. Young, Detroit’s first black mayor. “He made a whole lot of difference in this city,” she said.

Coleman Young II, 34, wants to be the next mayor of Detroit. He has served in the Michigan Legislature for a decade, first as a representative and now as a senator, but his father, who died in 1997 after serving two decades as mayor, still looms over nearly everything about this campaign. A large photo of the elder Mr. Young, with his confident, trademark gaze, holds the prime spot on the wall of the campaign headquarters of his son, who shakes voters’ hands wearing the “Mayor Coleman A. Young” cuff links and the “CY” lapel pin that his father once wore.

Matters of legacy and loyalty would be enough to propel the plot of an entire mayoral race in most places. Rarely, though, has an American city seen as much tumult and change as suddenly as Detroit, which has lurched in only a few years from being the nation’s largest city ever to file for bankruptcy to experiencing a downtown building boom, and from watching its population base vanish to seeing, at least in some parts, home prices rise. Detroit’s mayoral election on Tuesday comes at a pivot point for the city.

The vote will reveal how much change residents see in Detroit ....................