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POLITICS (National): 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton, "What Happened?": Hillary Clinton book, review, "Clinton Blames Herself, and Many Others" ....

***2016 presidential election, HIllary Clinton, "What Happened?" ....

* POLITICO Magazine (Jonathan Allen):  "Clinton Blames Herself, and Many Others" - "In her new book, the former secretary of state grapples with her loss, but doesn't accept it." - From POLITICO:

t’s not really her fault. That’s the underlying theme of Hillary Clinton’s new book, What Happened, in which the former first lady, New York senator and secretary of state blames a long list of characters for her defeat at the hands of Donald Trump in last year’s presidential election. While admitting she failed to connect with American voters on some level, Clinton also points a finger at her primary opponent Bernie Sanders, WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange, the media and the “deplorables”—yes, she doubles down on them.

And ultimately, the 464-page text—more theory of the case than memoir—concludes that then-FBI Director James Comey and Russian President Vladimir Putin snatched the presidency from her hands in the campaign’s closing weeks.

“What happened in the homestretch that caused so many voters to turn away from me?” she writes. “First, and most importantly, there was the unprecedented intervention by then FBI Director Jim Comey.” And, she continues, “the second big factor that caused the bottom to fall out at the end of the race was the Russian plot to sabotage my campaign and help elect Trump.”

If you’re hoping to learn precisely what happened from What Happened, you won’t get a comprehensive explanation . . . . . . . .

More than anything, What Happened reads like a compendium of things that Clinton wanted to get off her chest: She was robbed on Election Day, the electorate is comfortable with sexism, she did plenty of things right—and she’s keeping track of who did her wrong ...................