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POLITICS/EDUCATION: Diversity? school segregation?: Commentary (Op-Ed: Beverly Daniel Tatum), "America is more diverse than ever before, but its schools are growing more segregated" ....

* Los Angeles Times (Op-Ed: Beverly Daniel Tatum):  "America is more diverse than ever before, but its schools are growing more segreated" - From the LAT:

America’s school-age population is more diverse than ever before, reflecting the demographic shift rapidly taking place in our country. America’s schools, however, are more segregated than they have been for decades. During the two decades between 1970 and 1990, the nation made steady progress toward school desegregation, particularly in the South. At peak, 40% of black southern students attended a formerly all-white school, while less than a third of all black students attended black schools.

Since the 1990s, that progress has been reversing in Southern public schools, while the largely intractable segregation of the Northern cities has intensified. Nationwide, nearly 75% of black students attend so-called majority-minority schools, and 38% attend schools with a white population of 10% or less. Similar statistics apply to Latino students: 80% and 40%, respectively. Both black and Latino students are much more likely than white students to attend a school where 60% or more of their classmates are living in poverty, as measured by the percentage of students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch programs.

Separate remains unequal as schools with concentrated poverty and racial segregation are more likely to have less-experienced teachers, high levels of teacher turnover, inadequate facilities and fewer classroom resources.


Is that a national concern? Apparently not for most people ..................