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L.A. CITY HALL: Public involvement/city bureaucracy?: Commentary (Steve Lopez), "They raised tens of thousands of dollars to fix a dangerous intersection. Now they can't get the city to take action" ....

***Public involvement/city bureaucracy?

* Los Angeles Times (Steve Lopez):  "They raised tens of thousands of dollars to fix a dangerous intersection. Now they can't get the city to take action" - From the LAT:

Alexander von Wechmar and Rob Ramsey, who live down the street from each other, have seen a lot of befuddled drivers negotiate their long-troubled intersection in the Hollywood Hills. Canyon Drive and Bronson Avenue come together in an awkward union. It’s as if Bronson isn’t sure where it wants to go, so it forks into Canyon at two points, forming a large triangle in the middle and confusing many a driver. “It’s not clear who has the right of way,” says Von Wechmar.

Stop signs have been mowed down repeatedly, says Ramsey. Von Wechmar says one motorist plowed through a temporary barricade in the middle of the triangle in 2005, blasted into Von Wechmar’s retaining wall and died. It’s a wonder Batman and Robin managed to speed up to the Bronson Canyon caves all those years without killing someone.

After the motorist died, Von Wechmar and Ramsey stood at the intersection together one day and watched a driver spin around the circle like he was on a merry-go-round. “Rob said, ‘This guy’s showing us what we need here,’ ” recalls Von Wechmar, who had just returned from Germany and saw firsthand the benefits of a well-planned traffic circle.

And so began, in the year of the Lord 2005, a 12-years-and-running battle with L.A. City Hall in an attempt to safeguard pedestrians and motorists alike with the installation of a simple circular median ..................