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« POLITICS (National): Federal Election Commission, dark money, disclosure?: "Dark money groups were ordered to reveal their donors. They didn't." .... | Main | LOCAL GOVERNMENT: So. Calif.: "L.A. County declares a shelter crisis, providing flexibility in how it provides beds and assistance"; "Unprecedented Spending in Another Pivotal Anaheim Election"; No. Calif.: "Oakland's pot equity program withering on the vine" (Otis Taylor, Jr.); "Sacramento's sheriff might be deaf to the public, but ssupervisors heard this message loud and clear" (Marcos Breton).. »

LOCAL GOVERNMENT: So. Calif.: "FBI investigating possible wrongdoing by inspector on Bel-Air mansion, city investigator testifies"; "San Diego Mayor Faulconer calls for government alternative to SDG&E, says it'll save ratepayers money"; No. Calif.: "San Jose will pay homeless people $15 per hour to pick up trash"; "The economy is booming. Why do so many Central Valley cities want to raise taxes?"