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POLITICS (National): Federal Election Commission, dark money, disclosure?: "Dark money groups were ordered to reveal their donors. They didn't." ....

***Federal Election Commission, dark money donors, disclosure?

* POLITICO (Maggie Stevens):  "Dark money group were ordered to reveal their donors. They didn't." - From POLITICO:

Dark-money political groups are continuing to shield their anonymous donors from public view, despite a recent court order that called for an unprecedented look at their funders.

A major disclosure deadline passed Monday with few political nonprofits unveiling any donors, and even some of those that did offer a peek at their backers still left the original source of the donations murky. That means that, as in other recent years, voters will head into the midterm elections with little insight into the anonymous donors who have been free to pour unlimited sums into ads and other mobilization efforts that could help determine control of Congress.

“The statute itself is pretty clear, you’re supposed to report all contributors who gave for political purposes. What that means in practice is another question,” said Brendan Fischer, director of federal reform at the good-government group Campaign Legal Center ..........................