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« POLITICS (National, Local/ San Diego, U.S. border): President Donald Trump, closure, California-Mexico border?: "What Border Chaos Means for San Ysidro"; "If Trump closes the border, regional economy could suffer 'catastrophic losses'"; "We can't let Trump close California's gateway with Mexico" (Gustavo Arellano) .... | Main | LOCAL GOVERNMENT (Bay Area): Oakland A's, new ballpark?: "A's propose 'jewel box' ballpark for waterfront, Coliseum redevelopment" (Matier & Ross); "A's, city unit on ballpark, but obstacles remain" .... »

POLITICS (National): Excessive fines?: "He lost his $42,000 Land Rover for a $385 crime. The Supreme Court considers whether the constitutional ban on 'excessive fines' applies to state"; "Supreme Court Seems Ready to Back Owner of Seized Land Rover in Case on Excessive Fines"; commentary (George Will), "Civil forefeiture law makes law enforcement lawless. The Supreme Court could change that.".