POLITICS (National, Local/ New York): NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, NYC Department of Investigations: "City's Watchdog Claims Intimidation: Mayor's Response: 'Delusions of Grandeur'" ....
Sunday, December 2, 2018 at 9:54AM

***New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York City Department of Investigations....

* New York Times:   "City's Watchdog Claims Intimidation. Mayor's Response: 'Delusions of Grandeur.'" - From the NYT:

It began like a run-of-the-mill bureaucratic flare-up, a small power struggle early this year between officials in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration and New York City’s investigations commissioner over a little-known office that handled inquiries into the school system. By Monday, it had ballooned into a public-relations crisis for the mayor, exposing him to lurid allegations that he or his administration had tried to cover up embarrassing inquiries, accused the commissioner of being disloyal and ultimately dismissed him in the interest of damage control.

Mr. de Blasio on Friday took the rare step of firing the investigations commissioner, Mark G. Peters, whose role scrutinizing all areas of city government normally comes with a broad measure of independence. It did not take long for Mr. Peters to fire back. He released an acid-ink letter on Monday, accusing the mayor of carrying out a vendetta, and acting out of fear over what he might dig up next.


The fracas over the investigations commissioner capped a challenging week for Mr. de Blasio, who faced criticism over .................

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