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SACRAMENTO: Proposition 13 changes, proposed ballot measure, "split roll"?: "Prop. 13 fight looming over how California taxes business properties" ....

***Proposition 13 changes, proposed ballot measure, "spllt roll"?

* Sacramento Bee:  "Prop. 13 fight looming over how California taxes business properties" - From the Bee:

It has been a liberal dream for decades to undo parts or all of Proposition 13, the seminal California initiative limiting the property tax rate. Is that fight finally coming to the ballot box this fall? A coalition of civil rights and community organizations is expected to begin collecting signatures later this month for a measure to tax commercial properties at market value while leaving in place the Proposition 13 protections for homeowners, a concept known as “split roll.”


The latest “split roll” proposal would . . . . . . . .

The Legislative Analyst’s Office estimated this week that the change could increase property tax revenues by about $6 billion to $10 billion annually, though it also warned that the switch would introduce far more volatility into the funding stream. About 60 percent of that money would go to local governments and the remaining 40 percent to schools and local community colleges.

Expect a vicious and expensive campaign if the measure qualifies ............