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SACRAMENTO: SB 827, opposition: "Los Angeles tenant groups oppose bill that could lead to development boom near transit" ....

***SB 827, opposition....

* Los Angeles Times:  "Los Angeles tenant groups oppose bill that could lead to development boom near transit" - From the LAT:

A coalition of 37 low-income housing and tenant groups in Los Angeles is opposing state legislation that would dramatically increase new housing around transit.

Senate Bill 827 from Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) would eliminate most local zoning restrictions within half a mile of rail and major bus stops across the state, allowing for new buildings that would be a minimum of four to eight stories tall. He argues that the bill is needed to address both the state’s housing shortage and environmental goals.

The tenant advocacy groups say the legislation would exacerbate the displacement of low-income Californians from neighborhoods surrounding transit. “If SB 827 passes, we stand to lose out on tens of thousands of affordable homes near transit and we are putting families who depend on rent stabilization at greater risk of displacement at a time of severe housing and homelessness crises,” Alliance for Community Transit Los Angeles and the other groups wrote in a Feb. 12 letter to Wiener.

SB 827 is the highest-profile housing bill introduced so far this year and it has provoked strong responses on both sides .................