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« POLITICS (National): House Speaker Paul Ryan, DACA/ immigration votes?: "Rebellious Republicans move to force a House vote on 'Dreamers' despite leaders' objections"; "Renegade Republicans challenge Paul Ryan, file discharge petition to force immigration votes"; "House Republicans, Defying Leaders, Move to Force Immigration Votes"; "GOP lawmakers back discharge petition to force immigration votes" | Main | LOCAL GOVERNMENT: So. Calif.: "New LAX police headquarters planned for 2021 after years of working out of trailers"; "How the Developer Won"; No. Calif.: "Oakland to clear long-standing homeless encampment while opening new-shed homes"; "Sacramento will have faster apartment growth any other large U.S. city, analyst says" .... »

POLITICS/MEDIA (National): President Donald Trump, negative press coverage/ media credentials?: "Trump muses about yanking news media credentials in response to negative coverage"; "Trump threatens press credentials over 'fake' negative media coverage"; "Trump suggests revoking reporters' credentials"; "Trump threatens to remove news networks' press credentials over negative coverage" ....