SACRAMENTO: 2018 gubernatorial election, Antonio Villaraigosa: "Endorsing Antonio: A behind-the-scenes look at how the Times editorial board made its pick" (Opinion L.A. -- Mariel Garza) ....
Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 9:54AM

***2018 gubernatorial election, Antonio Villaraigosa....

* Los Angeles Times (Opinion L.A. - Mariel Garza):  "Endorsing Antonio:  A behind-the-scenes look at how the Times editorial board made its pick"  - From the LAT:

This week, the Los Angeles Times published its endorsement of Antonio Villaraigosa as California’s next governor.  And some of you may be thinking we made our choice because of the L.A. connection.

Nope. That’s not at all how the endorsement process works. If it were, we wouldn’t need a staff of editorial writers and I wouldn’t have a job. In fact, our long familiarity with our former mayor, as seen through the deep archive of stories and editorials examining every achievement and failure of the first Latino mayor in modern L.A. history, was probably more of a liability to Villaraigosa.

Editorial writers and boards don’t often explain how we come to the conclusions we do, but maybe we should so that readers understand that we don’t make these decisions idly. I know that, on average, I spend more time on endorsement editorials than your average policy editorial, even super-wonky ones.

So, for anyone who is interested, here’s a rare glimpse behind the curtain of the L.A Times editorial board: ..................

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