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POLITICS/ENVIRONMENT: California water bond (2014), which projects to get public money?: "Separating water and politics isn't easy in California" ....

***California water bond (2014), which projects to get public money?

* Los Angeles Times (Bettina Boxall):  "Separating water and politics isn't easy in California" - From the LAT:

The 2014 water bond included a novel funding approach designed to take at least some of the politicking out of deciding which projects get public money. This week's tortured deliberations by the California Water Commission showed just how tough it is to do that.

By applying a complex procedure for grading proposals, the bond restricted state taxpayer spending to the pieces of a project that would provide measurable benefits to the public. Commissioners struggled mightily with that formula as it become obvious that certain proposals were headed for little or no funding. "This is extremely uncomfortable," commission chairman Armando Quintero of San Rafael conceded. "To be here today and be in a position, where as much as we want to move this project forward, we can't — that is extremely hard," said commissioner Maria Herrera of Visalia.

"It would be tragic if the project died in this room tonight," commissioner Joe Del Bosque lamented as the panel prepared to vote on the Temperance Flat proposal to build a new dam and reservoir on the upper San Joaquin River.

The commission, whose members are appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown, capped three exhausting days of hearings with a round of votes Thursday that determined project funding eligibility. The panel won't make final awards until July .................