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L.A. CITY HALL: City streets, "withdrawal" from public use, responsibility for repair/ repaving?: "Some L.A. streets aren't being repaved because of a law dating from the Depression" ....

***Los Angeles city streets, "withdrawal" from public use, responsibility for repair/repaving?

* Los Angeles Times:  "Some L.A. streets aren't being repaved because of a law dating from the Depression" - From the LAT:

Bob Carter has long complained to the city about the cracking road that winds along the green slope near his Woodland Hills home. "They put me off for years," Carter said.

Dozens of people once signed a petition pleading for Los Angeles city crews to repave the short and shabby stretch of San Miguel Street, saying it was dangerous. Another neighbor is now suing the city, complaining that water rushing through gaping cracks in the street caused an estimated $400,000 in damage at her property downhill. Neighboring streets have been repaved, but not the bulk of San Miguel, where the pavement is so broken it looks like alligator skin. The reason? The road was "withdrawn" from public use more than eight decades ago, officials said.

San Miguel is one of more than 200 streets that were officially withdrawn under an ordinance passed during the Depression, when Los Angeles said it didn't have enough money to fix dangerous streets. At the time, city engineers warned that hillside banks on San Miguel and other Woodland Hills streets were sliding and blocking traffic.

A scattering of hillside roads from the Hollywood Hills through the San Fernando Valley were pulled from service. Other roads in Los Angeles were withdrawn in the decades after because .....................