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« POLITICS (National, State/ New York): U.S. Rep. Chris Collins, indictment, insider trader charges: "New York Congressman Chris Collins Is Charged With Insider Trading"; "New York Republican Chris Collins indicted on insider trading charges"; "GOP Rep. Chris Collins charged with securities fraud"; "Rep. Chris Collins charged with insider trading, federal prosecutors announce" .... | Main | POLITICS/MEDIA: President Donald Trump, fake news, California?: Commentary (Steve Lopez), "Fake news or the future? Steve Lopez imagines an escalating spat between Trump and California" .... »

LOCAL GOVERNMENT: So. Calif.: "Airbnb backs referendum effort to overturn San Diego's new short-term rental regulations"; "Plastic utensils would be provided only upon request if L.A. City Council ordinance is adopted"; No. Calif.: "Angry South Bay pastor says multi-family housing doesn't belong on church property"; "At Transbay Transit Center, buses coming up ramp trigger geysers in park" ....